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Whether you are at home, on vacation, or just out and about, your next workout is in your pocket or on your wrist. GitSum Fitness offers people on the go the ability to stay fit anywhere anytime.

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Stop Sacrificing Your Workouts...

Are you struggling to fit in exercise as part of your busy daily routine? You are not alone. Everyone is plagued by full calendars and back-to-back meetings. GitSum Fitness provides personal training with the flexibility and accountability you need on your time.

Schedule your sessions around your other commitments and attend from the convenience of your own home. Trainers will customize your workouts based on your goals and the equipment you have.

  • The GitSum Fitness Platform

    Clients don’t have to be tech-savvy to enjoy an outstanding fitness experience – the intuitive GitSum Fitness platform makes it easy.

  • Help with Nutrition

    Take your fitness to another level by tracking your caloric intake with the various integrations supported by GitSum Fitness.

  • Live Video Sessions

    1 on 1 live Video Training Sessions bring your trainer into your home every time you workout.

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